About Us

Hero Home Center is a discount market place for local heroes (Police, Fire, Paramedics, EMTs, 911 Support, Healthcare Professionals, Teachers and Support, Active Duty Military, Veteran Military and Widow/er of) to shop for local home service companies that recognize the contribution to society those heroes make and want to give back!

Why Hero Home Center?

We were established by local heroes, just like you! It is our mission to offer you access to leading home service providers in your local area. We only work with companies that share the common goal of serving those who serve.

Why do Business with us?

We understand this market like no other. Most companies already offer a discount for heroes but unless you relentlessly brand yourself offering hero discounts, you will not stay in front of your target audience. We developed the brand Hero Home Center to keep your company top of mind. Our brand is hero discounts. We will work hard to put your company in front of thousands of local heroes and drive business to your door. We have thousands of local heroes signing up with our program and we are growing across the US. We will offer you exclusivity in your city and if you are one of the companies we called, Congratulations. You have most likely have been referred to us by a local hero.

What sets us apart from any other home service brand is HERO HOME CENTER identified by local heroes as the go to resource to find hero discounts on their home services. We have established this niche market and target market on several different platforms. Using cutting edge technology , social media and the tried and true GRIND. We are making new contacts daily, Finding new resources and networking with major unions, employers and government establishments.